Neil Dhillon: A Professional Consultant

Neil DhillonNeil Dhillon is very professional whenever a position is entrusted to him. He does not let flaws to stain his credibility. He is always grateful to everybody who give him positive feedback and affirmations. Among the people who support him, President Clinton can be considered as the most consistent. Dhillon was chosen to be the former president’s top legislative assistant. Due to his exceptional expertise about federal government processes, Dhillon is very capable of managing bureaucratic process. His varied ideas help him on solving reform issues.

With his daily commitment in the government office, Neil Dhillon had a chance to interact with staff and committee members. He is always selected to be the representative to attend appointments concerning to public policy issues.

Aside from serving the former President Clinton, Neil was able to cooperate with Cong. Bob Matsui when he was the acting Chief of Staff. The excellence he have shown resulted to great demand for his services. He became the speechwriter and legislative director of CNeil Dhillonong. Beverly Byron. It seemed that Capitol Hill was the home for Neil Dhillon. He is found there almost every day to talk with the other committee members. He never thought of being tired on expressing the company views. He had kept his promotion of policy issues alive. Most people are impressed on how Dhillon can handle numerous things at the same time. Dhillon is also respected with the desirable attributes he possesses.

As a professional on Public Affairs, he gained wide network of connections which help on assisting his clients. Because of his abilities, he received numerous awards on Public relations during his stay at Hill and Knowlton International Public Relations. His leadership skills enable him to be recognized round the world. Asia, Europe, and Africa are among the areas where he applied his expertise.

He has great expertise on policy matters that leads his way towards being knowledgeable. Specifically, Neil Dhillon has specialties on education, defense, labor, energy and environment, science and technology, defense, transportation, health care, telecommunications, trade, tax, banking, financial services, and appropriations.

If you are trying to think of a person who has passion on politics and strategic communications, Neil Dhillon will perfectly match on the qualifications. He is truly a role model for extending selfless services. He is more concerned with the welfare of the majority rather than being self-centered. Dhillon is a good example to young generation because of his amazing investment on skills and experiences.